Purchase And Installation

Purchasing a new plug-in is fairly fast and straightforward but here’s a quick overview of the purchase, download and installation process that you can refer to if you encounter any difficulties.


On our site, viewing the basket will show you the full price, including tax where applicable (UK/EU Customers). You can check out securely using a card (we’ve partnered with Stripe) or PayPal.

Once checkout is complete you’ll see confirmation of your order and you’ll also receive three emails from us.

  1. The first is confirming your account with us.
  2. The second email is your purchase receipt via Stripe/PayPal.
  3. The third email contains the download link and license/serial number (purchase code) information. Click on the link in this email to access your plug-in. This email will come from noreply@sosmusictools.com, so please remember to whitelist us.

If you don’t receive this email, have a quick look in your junk folder or alternatively, log in to your account at https://www.sosmusictools.com/my-account using the details you just signed up with. From your account you’ll be able to see all of your orders and access download links, support links and license/serial numbers (product codes) for each purchase.

If you’re still struggling to access your download details then reach out to us on support@sosmusictools.com.

Click here for further information on How To Buy


Click on your download link in the email – at this stage you’ll need to create an account on the manufacturers website in order to access your purchase if you’re not signed up there already. Once your account is opened, if you are struggling to find your available products then just click on the link in our email again, this will send you directly to the download page.

Purchase Code

You’ll need to copy and paste the serial number shown on our email to be able to access your download (your serial number is your license/purchase code). Copy and paste in one go, most manufacturer sites should automatically insert any dashes where necessary.

Follow the download and installation process as shown on the manufacturer website. Once you open your DAW, the new plug-in should be available. For some manufacturers you may need to just log in to their site within your DAW to complete the installation and verification process.

If you’re struggling to install or your new plug-in isn’t showing up in your DAW then you can use the link in our email to quickly find the manufacturer support page and they’ll be happy to help get you up and running.

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