Sonnox Post Bundle (Native)

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The Sonnox Post Collection is an uncompromising, all-encompassing plug-in solution for audio post-production. Improving dialogue audio, creating unique ambient spaces, polishing a final mix, or removing unwanted noise from set – Sonnox Post will help in a variety of post-production workflows to quickly achieve the sound you’re looking for.



The award-winning Sonnox Restore suite is included, providing fast and effective noise reduction solutions to save you time. Combined with the high-end sound of the classic Oxford EQ and Dynamics, the flexibility of the Oxford Reverb and SuprEsser, and the power of the Oxford Limiter, these 8 plug-ins truly represent the ultimate post-production plug-ins solution.

Multi-function Dynamics plug-in – the Oxford Dynamics plug-in is modelled on the extremely flexible capable unit used in the OXF-R3 professional mixing console.

The EQ plug-in is based on the OXF-R3 EQ section. It is a fully functional 5-band application with selectable shelf settings on LF HF sections. Additionally separate variable slope low pass high pass filters are provided.

Having crafted and refined your mix, join the growing number of professionals who’ve chosen the new Oxford Limiter v2 to deliver maximum loudness, density and presence – whilst retaining the kind of clarity and transient detail that conventional brick-wall limiting can’t.

The Oxford Reverb plug-in is a highly flexible stereo reverberation generator designed to complement existing Sonnox Oxford applications in providing the user with the highest technical sonic performance coupled with artistic creative facility.

The Oxford SuprEsser is both a very highly-featured professional De-Esser a Dynamic EQ. There is a simple mode for quick fixes but also an advanced mode for increased functionality fine-tuning.

The DeNoiser plugin with its integrated de-hisser delivers surgical broadband noise reduction in real time.

Use the intuitive display to help isolate the fundamental frequency – it’ll constantly give you feedback on the top contenders – or define it manually with the help of a tone generator.

The Oxford DeClicker features three discrete sections for removing pops, clicks and crackle from your sound. Each has a threshold and sensitivity control to define the number of events that are detected and removed.

System Requirements

  • iLok2, iLok3 or an iLok account with an active internet connection
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Windows 7 or later

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