Bitwig Studio Crossgrade

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Crossgrade Promo – 40% off the normal price when you switch to Bitwig from your existing DAW.

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Bitwig Studio 4.4 including the brand new Spectral Suite add-on.

Switch from your existing DAW, such as Cubase, Logic, Studio One, FL Studio and Ableton Live, and get 40% off the Regular price of Bitwig 4.

You’ll receive the latest 4.3 version plus free upgrades for the next 12 months, and goodies such as the Cableguys plug-in currently available for Bitwig Circle members (anyone with an active UPG plan).

Welcome to Bitwig Studio 4.


Since the invention of studio recording, our task has been to create the perfect performance. Comping allows you to combine the best parts of many takes, and Bitwig Studio provides this and more.


Modulation has always been a centrepiece of Bitwig Studio. Modulators have been there all along, putting device parameters into motion. And now with Operators, sequenced note and audio events can become electric too. This leads to clips that go to different possibilities and timelines, either by programming, by performance control, or by destiny.


Bitwig Studio 4 sees the arrival of comping for audio clips and Operators for all sequenced events. The brand-new sound package Anti-Loops uses these features to push the idea of what a loop is to the breaking point, with 100+ clips crafted by expert sound designers like Cristian Vogel, Pat Cupo, Polarity and others.

Key Features

  • High-performance audio software, with full multicore and multiprocessor support
  • ASIO, Core Audio, and JACK support including JACK transport on all platforms
  • 32-bit floating point audio processing, up to 192 kHz audio sample rate
  • Scalable vector-based GUI
  • Audio-, instrument-, hybrid tracks Unlimited
  • Effect tracks Unlimited
  • Group tracks (with groups in groups) Unlimited
  • Scenes Unlimited
  • VST plug-ins (with 32-/64-bit bridging, delay compensation, and crash protection) Unlimited
  • VST plug-in multi-out and side-chain support
  • New Audio comping

Read the Sound On Sound Review

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14 or later
  • Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 18.04 or later
  • Display: Minimum 1280 x 768 pixel screen resolution
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Disk Space: Minimum 12GB free disk space (for full content installation)
  • Internet Connection: Decent connection to download bundled content (not included with installer)

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